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Pokies Casino

Pokies Casino

Pokies Casino offers more than 350 popular online games with live synchronization of player proceeds. Know more about the online casino within.

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Pokies Casino Info

Since 2012, the casino is providing opportunities for players around the world to compete favorably in fun and fair environment, while allowing them to win large sums, free bonuses and spins. Progress Play Limited is the parent organization located in the capital of Malta. It is registered and licensed under the Class 1 & 4 issued on 2013 and 2014, respectively. It also holds approval of US gambling Commission to provide online gambling facilities to participants in European Union and Scandinavia making it one of the best online casino.

Get a Double Match Bonus up to $200 at Pokie Casino

As a member of responsible gaming division, Pokies Casino offers online tools to gamblers allowing them to manage their cash. In addition, members are regularly educated on risk-management and other practical strategies that would allow them to win consistently in the long-run. Pokies Casino is also among few casinos offering self-limitation procedures as part of its continued education for gamblers. Player can set self-limitation by providing a written online notice to the company initiating deposit limits on the account and designating safe levels. The ability to self-limit account allows players to devise practical gambling strategies on par with their risk-appetite. Using sophisticated online software and verification algorithms, the system tries to prevent gamers under 18 years of age from participation. Besides, important guidelines and rules are clearly indicated in brochures indicating legality of participation from different jurisdictions around the world.

Pokies Casino Security

For enhanced security, online transactions are handled under the most stringent and protective online layers including 128-bit secure socket layer and multiple firewall protections streamlining safety aspects for members. All credit card transactions are handled by some of the largest verification agencies in the world that specialize in online fraud management. For those wishing even more security, there is an extensive suite of payment services including e-wallet, debit card, Net Teller and a variety of modes. In fact, Pokies Casino prides itself in offering advanced security features where customers can call company representative to deposit using phone services. For customer requiring additional security measures, phone services adds a physical dimension to the security process allowing agencies to track financial transaction to the core-level. Similarly, customer service is available 18 hours seven days a week ensuring quick answers and proactive resolution to customer queries. As such, customers are also encouraged to utilize phone, email and live chat features to inquire about services and transaction issues.

Pokies Casino Casino Games

For novice and beginners, there are a wide variety of free games that can be played with virtual money enabling players to test their skills before the real game. Accordingly, paid games are categorized under several genres including slot games, scratch games, mobile games, casino gaming, Microgaming and video poker. The Microgaming features allow players to play some of the most popular titles on their browser instead of downloading software on their desktops. This is useful for mobile gamers and users with limited CPU speed who can start playing instantaneously without hassles of slow speeds. Pokies continue to offer some of the largest jackpots in the form of progressive slots. For instance, players can experience the delight of winning millions in the famous Mega Moolah – The Dark Night where every spin costs a mere $0.25. There are also a large number of games from developers including ThunderKick and NextGen taking the gaming experience to new heights.

Pokies Casino Promotions

Perhaps, the fun-filled environment at Pokies is made popular by regular payout, bonuses and giveaways. Every player receives double bonus on their first deposit up to $/£/$200 in local currency. The bonus comes with myriad of exclusive features including 10 free spins on some of the most lucrative games in the industry. Every player registered with Pokies also gets VIP treatment as cash spent in the casino transforms into VIP points allowing gamers to reap extra rewards, gifts and free bonuses. For as little as $/£/$16, players are offered 1 VIP point. For loyal customers, these VIP points can quickly accumulate for climbing the VIP tier. The automatic transition to VIP lounge substantially increases bonuses and rewards increasing the probability of larger payouts. As such, gold and platinum VIP members are treated with personalized service and dedicated account managers who help players create gaming experience tailored towards their preference. In addition, players can earn extra rewards by accessing daily loyalty and monthly reward promotions. Interestingly, terms of these promotions are independent of other rewards offered at the casino.